IPAF Training

Training of MEWP operators according to IPAF standard

The key for safe and effective use of work at height platforms is proper operator training and familiarization with MEWP equipment. More and more companies are focusing on profesional and practical training. Mateco Romania conducts courses in accordance with the internationally recognized IPAF standard. This concept was developed by the manufacturers and users of MEWP, by experts in work safety and has been continuously expanded being available in several languages and in a worldwide network of over 900 authorized training centers.

What is IPAF?

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use of aerial work platforms worldwide by providing advice and technical information; by influencing and interpreting legislation and standards and training programs. (www.ipaf.org). (www.ipaf.org)

Where can I take the course?

At IPAF authorized training centers. In Romania at the mateco headquarters in: Giurgiului no. 48E, loc. Jilava, Ilfov county. (click on the address from the maps).

Can the courses be held in other locations (of the applicant)?

Yes, provided there are adequate facilities and equipment.

IPAF Training

Who can participate?

Training is available to medically fit individuals over the age of 18.

What training courses are available?

Mateco Romania is an IPAF authorized center since 2019 for the licensing of operators of aerial work platforms for the following categories:

  • 1b(Self-propelled booms (outriggers), vehicle-mounted platforms)
  • 3a(Scissor lifts, vertical personnel platforms (mobile))
  • 3b(Self-propelled booms)
IPAF Training

What do I learn in the course?

How to safely operate aerial work platforms and the principles of choosing the most suitable equipment for carrying out the work.

    The theoretical part

  • Responsibilities of the operator
  • Training and familiarization
  • Pre-use checks and daily maintenance before starting work
  • The correct and safe way to operate the equipment
  • Correct procedures for emergency descent and rescue plan
  • Operating characteristics and limitations
  • Stability conditions (machine overturning)
  • Selection and use of fall prevention equipment:
    • safety harness: how to put it on and fasten it correctly,
    • means of connection: the correct choice and use of the safety rope and the carabiner.
    • determination of anchor points.

    The practical part

  • Operating a real machine - checks and familiarization with MEWP
  • Main components: identifying their function
  • Visual inspections
  • Checking functions before use
  • Checking functions before use
  • Route planning and handling
  • Starting and stopping the machine - correct procedures for starting and stopping the machine
  • Preparing the machine for work
  • Basic operational practices
  • Machine parking
IPAF Training

What do I get after completing the course?

A PAL card and a certificate, in digital format, are obtained by the candidate after successful completion of the course and assessment.

How long are the obtained licenses valid?

The PAL card is valid for five years and is recognized in more than 51 countries.

How long does the course take and how much will it cost me?

The one-day IPAF course for MEWP operators has the following fees:

  • one category 1b: 400 Euro + VAT
  • one category 3a or 3b: 375 Euro + VAT
  • two categories 3a + 3b: 400 Euro + VAT

The course duration may vary depending on the course type, the experience of the trainees, the complexity of the equipment and the number of categories selected for the course. Additional hours of practical training can be done according to: Operator Training

How do I register for the course?

To register for the course, you can contact us by phone: +40 21 313 02 00 ; +40 745 47 47 23 or by email at the address: office@mateco.ro: office@mateco.ro

IPAF Training