Training operator
Training operator

Those who are familiar with the risks can avoid the dangers. Almost 80% of accidents that occur when using an aerial work platform are caused by operating errors. Therefore, a familiarization course is essential to avoid accidents and understand the operation of the machine you want to use and its limits. By having trained operators you will benefit from:

  • Fewer work accidents, your operators becoming more aware of the risks they are exposed to, the importance of safety and work protection and the importance of safety equipment
  • Operators will know how to prevent and manage an accident
  • Accomplishing work tasks much faster and safer
  • Reduction of equipment failures caused by incorrect operation and reduction of the time in which the equipment is unusable

The course duration may vary depending on the experience of the students and the complexity of the equipment.

In the theoretical part you will learn:

  • Responsibilities of the operator
  • Pre-use checks and daily maintenance before starting work
  • The component, function and operating capabilities of the aerial work platform
  • Behavior on traffic routes
  • Safety equipment for the use of aerial work platforms
  • Sources of error and special accident risks
  • Using the operating manual
Training operator

In the practical part you will learn:

  • Safe, correct and precise operation of various aerial work platforms
  • The main components of the machine: identifying their function
  • Familiarization with the functional characteristics of the machines
  • Understanding optical and acoustic signals
  • Inspections before use
  • Starting and stopping the machine - correct procedures for starting and stopping the machine
  • Checking functions before use
  • Route planning and handling
  • Preparing the machine for work
  • Basic operational practices
  • Machine parking
  • Choosing the most suitable machine to perform the work safely in the shortest possible time
  • Correct positioning and performing tasks succesfully in applications inside and outside buildings
Training operator

The cost of a training varies depending on the number of participants and the types of equipment used.

The content and style of each course can be tailored to your needs and your equipment use projects. For more details, please contact our training department by calling : 021 313 02 00 ; +40 745 47 47 23 or by email at the address:

For RSVTI attention:

Within the Mateco Academy, we can provide training for service personnel - Maneuver for movable/immovable lifting platforms in accordance with PT ISCIR CR 8-2009 regarding "Authorization of personnel servicing installations/equipment and acceptance of auxiliary service personnel", chapter V. " Training and examination for the acceptance of auxiliary service personnel", Section IV "Training of operators".

Training duration is 16 hours of which theoretical training 10 hours and practical training 6 hours.

Course participation conditions: people over 18 years of age; people who graduated from secondary education; medically fit persons.

Training operator