About us

The Biggest & Most Dynamic Powered Access Rental Company in the Balkan Region


mateco Romania is the largest independent powered access rental company in the Balkans area, having only 12 years history of strong organic growth, from a small entrepreneurial company to the most developed powered access rental network depot in Romania. Established in 2005 as Industrial Access SA(now mateco Romania), our company provides, reliable, rental solutions across Romania offering coverage trough an extensive network of branches.

  • The largest range of access platforms in Romania, ranging from 4 to 48 m working height
  • Full national coverage
  • Short term to long term hires
  • Service and maintenance - Qualified experienced engineers available to provide support 24/7
  • Sales of new and used machines
  • Exclusive machine attachments; reducing the manual handling of materials and increasing safety
  • Site surveys/visits to help you to get the right machine for your job
  • Damage/Theft waiver scheme, taking away the worry of paying for accidental damage/loss
  • Training - available   Modern Training Center in Bucharest or at your site
  • Service maintenance agreements for customer's own equipment
  • mateco Romania continues to build an enviable reputation in the world of powered access.
  • With access to over 5000+ fleet machines across Romania, we will provide you with the ideal machine for your application

To get specific information please visit product pages available on www.mateco.ro.



We aim to provide the complete service solution for our customers, as the preferred supplier, through innovation, customer intimacy & support, dedication, professional attitude and hard work. Integrity, total engagement, full support and adaptability to our customers’ ever-changing requirements are the main drivers for our efforts, which we believe will allow us to achieve 30% market share in all our segments...



     WHY mateco Romania?


Because we are always there, where our stake holders (clients, suppliers, banks, collaborators – advertisement & magazines, insurance & leasing companies, shareholders) expect us to be based on our reputation and given words. We built up our name, within our small “rental” world and we are continuously working, both top down and bottom up, to fulfil our promises, increase our efficiency and develop our common future.


mateco Romania by numbers:

  • 150 team members
  • 13 B2B hire locations, 27 mobile service units, with regional coverage across Romania
  • 48 m our biggest  self propelled MEWP
  • 5000+ premium modern rental products available for rent
  • 1— Winner of European Rental Awards Best rental company of the year 2011
  • 24/7 service on site
  • 6 hours average time  for on site  intervention


By renting with mateco Romania, you instantly have all the advantages of using premium equipment with none of the responsibilities of ownership.


  • Our fleet of state-of-the-art rental equipment guarantees quality for superior operational performance and efficiency for maximum cost-savings. Whether for contingencies or unexpected emergencies, call on the experienced team at mateco. We have highly competent personnel with un-paralleled knowledge of our products, delivering exceptional customer service with the highest quality rental fleet.
  • Our goal is to focus intensely on your needs and demands. We achieve this goal by providing you with the highest level of service and responsiveness, and from our equipment quality, reliability and availability.
  • We are fully committed to our customers business and totally engage in every project we undertake together. This commitment also entails taking responsibility for the environment and maintaining the highest level of safe working practices


mateco Romania went green

  • Our efforts were recognized under  ISO 14001 certification by DNV
  • We use selective waste management, used batteries, oil and printing cartridges recovery by specialized waste management companies.
  • All our company cars were upgraded and now we are using engines from Euro 4 upwards, including latest Euro6 emission engines.
  • We invest in the latest IT and infrastructure technologies available in order to lower our carbon footprint, as we try to bring our contribution to the modern world.
  • We digitize all our documents, trying to reduce the amount of paper used in our daily operations.
  • Our entire Romanian fleet of equipment is equipped with state of the art engines and is one of the youngest fleet in EasternEurope of its size, with less than 36 moths average age at the end of 2011, guaranteeing lowest fuel consumption, as well as one of the lowest emissions available